We have a team of lawyers who take the hassle out of getting a prenuptial contract

Long gone are the days when a prenuptial contract was seen as a lack of trust in the relationship or a bad omen. Most couples today view a prenuptial contract as an investment. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Why get a prenuptial contract?

In South Africa couples who do not have a prenuptial contract are automatically registered in community of property and this cannot be changed after the wedding day.

What is a prenuptial contract?

A prenuptial (or antenuptial) contract means you are married out of community of property. The law recognizes you as two separate entities.

Who can give me a prenuptial contract?

You will be required to consult with a lawyer who provides that service. We have a dedicated group of lawyers who we have negotiated a special tariff with. For more information on costs click on the link below.